I've always been fascinated by composition and have taken pictures my entire life but learning how to properly use a proper camera always intimidated me. When I finally broke down and bought a proper camera in 2013 I found that learning how to use it properly wasn't as difficult as expected. Being a graphic designer, it wasn't long before I started taking pictures for clients and not long after that I started accepting clients solely for photographic projects.


Below you'll find a mixture of highlighted projects and general images I've taken - some for clients, some for friends, others for myself but all for the love of the image. 


When this unique and community oriented coffeehouse opened in Hyde Park, Boise I was doing a brief stint there working with several clients. I instantly found my spot at the back and was made to feel right at home. Taking pics and creating their website was just a natural thing to do, particularly because the amazing space and the people made me feel like family.


Farinaz approached me in 2014 to shoot images for her 2015 (and eventually 2016) collection. These shoots included indoor and outdoor shoots with models as well as cyclorama product shots of her clothing for her online catalog and store.


Firelight needed some pictures of their new studio in Portland and those pictures needed to show the openness, the light and the warmth of their incredible space. These pictures practically took themselves because there was a good image everywhere I looked.


Heather had a very specific directive for her photoshoot - she wanted to show herself in her natural environment: at home with her family and her work. Why? Because her message to her clients is that you can have it all - a family and career with time and space for both. 


When Bodacious Pig was getting ready to open they needed a way to tantalize people with the amazing BBQ they were cooking to get them into the restaurant when the doors opened. So they spent a day cooking, I spent a day shooting and then we celebrated by eating.

SCAR (Second Chance Animal Rescue)

After Hurricane Irma decimated Puerto Rico, the island faced a number of challenges. Among them was the amount of dogs and cats either abandoned or born in the wake of suspended spay/neuter programs. While on the island my partner and I spent a day volunteering at SCAR which included taking adoption pics for over 100 animals. We also adopted a cat and a dog!

Fit and Well Seattle

Amy Brumbaugh came to me for a website but knew that any good site starts with strong imagery. We did a couple of shoots at two of the locations she trains at and her clients were kind enough to take part. In addition to images of her training we focused on some background shots of equipment to be used for banners.

General Imagery

I try to take a camera everywhere I go and my favorite place is definitely behind the lens instead of in front of it. The following is a collection of images both personal and professional that are among my favorites.


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