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I've been called a virtual Swiss Army Knife of digital design - working in graphic design, photography, image composition, video and motion design, 3D visualization, UI/UX development and more.


In 2008, while teaching design at a Boise community college, I founded Animas as an outlet for independent contractual design and began working with several clients in my spare hours. In 2011 I co-founded GoMotive, a web and mobile app for practitioners and trainers to prescribe trackable, video- based exercise programs to clients which led me to Seattle.


Since arriving in Seattle Animas has grown, allowing me to focus on a wealth of projects with a variety of clients - from large corporations like Microsoft to the public sector working with the City of Seattle (with PRR) to independent businesses like startups, medical offices, coaches and more.


From production designer to Creative Director, I've worn many hats in the creative industry and I'm always willing to try on anything else that might fit. Recently that has led me into projects for Virtual and Augmented Reality.

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