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Animas uses 3D Viz for a variety of applications, typically producing still renders and animations for a variety of projects, from products to environments, interiors to exteriors. We typically use 3D when photography and video are not an option, either because of budget or the nature of the project itself. In many cases we use it to help clients and their audience ‘see’ something that has not yet been created in order to provide review and feedback cycles prior to actual production.

For a case study please see the PRR/Southeast Ave. – Barney Circle rendering project in which Animas produced a series of renders that showcased the various options for proposed changes to a major intersection of Washington, DC just down the street from the White House. Each option was modeled, textured, lit and rendered and composited into a series of boards that were presented to the public for voting. These renders allowed members of the public to see, in much richer detail than available through engineering schematics, the structural changes and effects of several proposed changes and vote among them.

3D Visualization for Environments, Products, and more
3D Studio Max, Modo, Cinema 4D, V-Ray, Photoshop, Illustrator
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