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Greg Bishop – Do You Know Who You Are?

About Project

Greg asked Animas to produce an introduction video to use on Kickstarter in order to raise the $10,000 needed to record and produce his new album, Do You Know Who You Are. Becaseu 10k was an ambitious amount (most music projects try to raise 4-6k) we decided to shoot the video in a documentary style, showcasing not only Greg’s incredible talent but the intention and process behind his work.

We filmed at his home studio and at St. Michael’s Cathedral in Boise, taking advantage of the amazing acoustics to record one of the songs that was written for the album. We also interviewed Greg, cutting between his interview and his writing and recording process to give audience members a sense of the work that he is producing.

Not only were we all thrilled with the result but Greg met his 10k goal and the production is currently underway.

Greg Bishop, Musician
Do You Know Who You Are, Kickstarted campaign to raise $10,000 for recording and producing
Video, Motion, Final Cut Pro
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