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AMP – Mercury Product Tour Video

About Project

AMP approached Animas to create a clear, concise web-delivered motion graphic introduction for their flagship product, Mercury, a tablet based app which creates streamlined connections between users in the sales process while reducing costs and eliminating order errors.

AMP had already developed profiles for the various users who benefit from Mercury so we partnered with them to adapt their clean, vector based profiles into a rich environment that tells the story of a common sales network that can benefit from the robust functionality and ease of use Mercury was developed with.

We worked with the AMP team to develop and write the script and copy for the spot, opting for the sake of consistency with other graphic assets, to animate a series of vector graphics developed from their initial sketches that shows the flow of the AMP system from manufacturer to buyer. Photoshop and Illustrator were used to develop the initial graphics which were then animated in Appleā€™s Motion and then composited in Final Cut Pro.

AMP – Mercury Product Tour Video
Animated, motion graphics product tour video
Illustrator, Photoshop, Motion, Final Cut Pro
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