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We design in every medium:


From logos to layouts, from pamphlets to packaging, we brand though all forms of collateral design and we’re as comfortable in print as we are on screen.


We can sketch it, draw it, color it, capture it, isolate it, composite it, enhance it, grade it, and deliver it all while finding your message in the mix.


Through our lenses and art we give your message motion and bring your story to life – in film, animation and a seamless blend of both.


For everything there is a soundtrack and we help you discover yours through voice, music and effect.


Some things find their way into reality virtually and visualization provides the medium to explore and illustrate both the mundane and the phenomenal.


Where the majority of the world now works and plays, we design, develop, deploy and manage a rich-content presence that can be your window-front to the world.

CASE STUDY: Bleubird Cafe, Web/Image Design

Bleubird Cafe

Bleubird is a locally owned sandwich shop located in Boise, Idaho, specializing in gourmet sandwiches and hand-crafted sodas.

Work we’ve done for Bleubird includes logo design, hand-drawn chalk and window art, photography and web design.

Our Happy Clients

David Watson

Seattle, Washington

David Watson is a virtual Swiss Army Knife of digital design, working in photography and image composition, video and motion design, 3D visualization and UI/UX development and more. From production designer to Creative Director, he has worn most hats in the creative industry and is always willing to try on anything else he thinks might fit. He is also the co-founder of GoMotive, a social exercise network app for the rehab, training and wellness markets. When he’s not behind the lens or in front of his laptop he keeps his wits sharp through writing and music.

Jennifer Pascoe

Boise, Idaho

Jennifer Pascoe, visionary and partner, brings over 10 years of business, marketing, and holistic sustainability to Animas. Owning her own consulting firm, Jennifer brings a level of expertise and compassion that makes working with Animas a truly enriching experience.

Evan Bartholomew

Pahoa, Hawaii

Evan Bartholomew is an internationally respected music producer and composer, 3D artist, illustrator and web developer. He has built a reputation for highly detailed and cutting edge illustration and photo manipulation, as well as designing for numerous lifestyle and clothing brands including his own company Mana Clothing. As a musician, he was worked for many highly respected labels as well as touring internationally and releasing 15 albums over the last 10 years.

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